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Nova Web Solutions - Auckland, New Zealand

You want to have great online presence for your business, be it your Website, Social Media Handles, Contents or your rank in Google, right? If you go after delegating each of these to different professionals, then you will have to invest your time with each of them for each of your needs which can be highly time consuming. Moreover, if all of them are not working as a team, then there will always be a doubt about good growth.

Understanding all of these challenges of a business, we some web passionate guys formed Nova Web Solutions in Auckland, New Zealand to help businesses find all of their online need in one place. Domain, Web Hosting, Website, Content, Social Media Marketing, SEO – one company takes care of all. Save time, save money and grow.

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Services We Provide

With us you can sit back and relax for all your online needs.

Website Design and Development

We design your dreams into reality. Keeping a people-focused strategy in website architecture, we help our clients to drive users and develop brands on the web.

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Web Portal Development

We have an experienced team in web portal development who will consult with you in great detail to meet your every requirement for the web portal you are thinking to develop.

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Domain Registration

Once you have a brilliant idea for your website, then you’re going to want a compelling domain name to go with it. Nova Web Solutions will give you the best price on your domain registration.

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Web Hosting

Providing Web Hosting service is not a big deal nowadays. But, providing the best one into your budget that's freaking awesome, right?

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Search Engine Optimization

We optimize your website authentically for the web so that any search engine happily recommend your website when they search for it on the internet.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing when done consistently with patience, can cultivate genuine traffic from various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

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Content Writing

Contents play a major role when you are trying to grab the attention of your audience on the internet. The content should be an industry expert, fully informative, and greatly optimized.

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Email Marketing

The right way to establish Email Marketing of your business is by building your list genuinely. Nova Web Solutions can help you build your email list and run your campaigns.

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Frequently Asked Question

To put it simply, a responsive web design is the practice of designing websites so that they display very well on every device of every screen size. All the websites designed by Nova Web Solutions here in Auckland will be responsive. There are other advantages to this as well:

  • SEO friendly: ​ In 2015, Google announced that their search algorithms factor in a website’s mobile presence. This is because more than 50% of internet traffic these days comes from mobile devices. So when potential clients areas are using search engines, a mobile optimised responsive website is more likely to show up on the top position than a non-responsive one.
  • Highly Manageable: ​The same HTML code is used on all devices and based on the device size, different css codes get applied. There is no need to write a separate code for a separate device. And it all works seamlessly. Moreover, you only need to run one SEO campaign for a responsive website. If you are building a separate website for mobile devices only, you will need to run two or more campaigns.
  • Cost and Time Saver: ​Building and testing across a number of websites designed for different devices separately can take an overwhelming amount of time and cost for that matter. From the client’s perspective as well, they will find it less time consuming to navigate across the website and more user friendly in terms of using features like search box or reading the content on their devices.

A domain name is basically the address of a website. Registration of a domain is a process that directs a user visiting a particular web address (or urls) to the contents of a website. We can help find the right domain name for your website and have it registered. You can choose from all kinds of extensions for your domain. These include:, .com, .org, .info, .tv, .io, etc.

SEO is the best way to get organic traffic to your website via search engines. When people search for the kind of service you provide, search engines like google will display your results in higher order which means they are most likely going to land on your site.

SMO on the other hand generates traffic to your websites by sharing posts related to your website or product that direct the community using the social media like facebook and twitter to your website. SEO and SMO are related in the sense that search engines are increasingly incorporating the users of social media outlets like facebook in their ranking algorithms.
For example, if a web page has been liked by many users or its posts have been shared by many users on social media, it is also more likely to be favoured by google than its counterpart that has fewer likes and shares.

We do. Our standard cost for hosting a website is NZD 120 per annum. We take  care of deploying your website, setting up email accounts as well as the  installation of necessary tools to get your website up and running.

We offer some of the most affordable web development in New Zealand.

Standard websites start at NZD 599 and content writing services start at NZD 50 for  1000 words. Please see the relevant pages for more info on pricing. Pricing on  most other services can only be determined based on your requirements.