5 Ways to Optimize Cloudflare to Improve Loading Speed of Website

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August 25, 2020

5 Ways to Optimize Cloudflare to Improve Loading Speed of Website

In 2006, Amazon found that every 100ms of latency costs them 1% Sales. In simple words, with an increase in the page speed of their website, they found an increase in sales.

Since then, bloggers and web consultants have become more concerned about Loading Speed of their websites.

You will find thousands of tips and tricks available online for increasing the loading speed of your site. Using Cloudflare will be one of them. But, hereby, in this article, I will share the 5 best ways to use Cloudflare to improve the loading speed of your site.

Of course, to implement these techniques you don’t require the paid plan of Cloudflare, the free plan is enough for it.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s discuss those 5 best tips below.

Enable Caching in Cloudflare Account

This is the first and the most common way to improve the loading speed of your website.

In the very layman language, Cache means a storage space for temporary files to make your browser and device faster.

Once you enable this on your site, your site will use these temporary files to load content rather than the original ones.

Next, this will increase the speed for loading the content via temporary files than the original.

Once you add your site to Cloudflare, you can enable this option via the ‘Caching’ tab from the dashboard.

Go to the Caching tab then Configuration and select the appropriate caching level to enable this option.


That’s it. It will enable caching on your site. Of course, if you have enabled caching in Cloudflare then there is no need to install a separate plugin for caching on your website.

Cloudflare is capable enough for Caching of your site.

Enable Page Rules in Cloudflare Account

This is another trick to increase speed using a Cloudflare account.

Page rules give you an option to manage your site on a particular or subdomain basis.

In simple words, if you want a separate logic for your login URL then you can define Page rule for the same.

By default, three-page rules are available in the free plan. If you want to define more than 3 rules then you need to subscribe to a paid plan of Cloudflare or else purchase more page rules.

While defining the Page Rule, please do not forget to select the ‘Caching Level’ to ‘Cache Everything’.

Trust me, this technique works like charm. It improves the loading speed of my site by 2 seconds.


Page Rule

Please note, the asterisk mark added at the end of any given URL will describe all URLs starting with the same pattern. In simple words, if you add asterisk mark behind the main URL (www.domainname.com/*) of your site then it will consider the entire website (each and every page of the site).

Minify CSS,HTM and/or JS files

This is a third technique to improve the loading speed of your site. In this technique, you need to minify CSS, HTML, and/or JS files available on your server.

Minification is the process of minimizing markup and code in your script files and web pages. This process will make your website smaller and thereby load faster.

Once your files are minified, your website will become small and thereby will take less time to load.

You can enable this option in Cloudflare through the Speed tab of the account dashboard. Under the Speed tab, click on ‘Optimization’ option and thereby select JS, HTML and/or CSS from Auto Minify option.

Use Cloudflare Apps

It’s a known fact, if you install more features on your site then it will take more time to load. More features mean more plugins and hence your site will get heavier in size and next it will take more time to load.

But, What if,  I tell you, you can now enable new features on your site without installing any plugins in it. Yes, instead of installing different plugins for different features, I suggest you please use the Cloudflare plugin.

Within a single click and without making any changes on your site, you can enable any features like Welcome Bar, Cookies Consent, Facebook Comment, etc. on your site.

Cloudflare Apps

Yes, Cloudflare apps have tons of free features available. You can enable this without impacting the performance of your site.

Now, there is no need of having separate plugins for Social Networking icons and Cookies’ consent. The Cloudflare app will take care of all these.

Protect your site from attack

Not directly but indirectly this feature will improve the loading speed of your site.

In case your site is getting lots of invalid traffic then you can enable this JavaScript challenge feature on your site.

Once enabled this will show a javascript challenge to all suspicious visitors (mostly auto bots) and restrict them from visiting your site.

Next, this will not increase the load on your site and thereby it will load properly when normal visitors visit your site.

That’s it. The above five basic options will improve the loading speed of your site drastically.

Now, before concluding the article, let us understand, Why the loading speed of your website is so important now?

With the introduction of Google Core vital, now the loading speed of your site is considered one of the ranking signals by Google Search Engine algorithm.

Hence, the loading speed of your site will impact the ranking of your site in Google Search Engine.

Over to you

There are many techniques to improve the loading speed of your site. Cloudflare is only one of them. Above all options given in the article, will help you to optimize your Cloudflare account well for increasing the loading speed.

At last, if you feel any problem in adding your site to Cloudflare and using it then feel free to share your problem in the comment box. We will be happy to help you.

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