What Is Website Copy and Why It’s Important

What Is Website Copy and Why It’s Important



Website copy is the main text which narrates visitors through your website and tells them what they need to know about a brand or the site. Website copy is always on the home page, on your about page, also on products and services pages apart from the top-level pages. A good website copy is especially important for keeping the visitors engage on the website and reduces the bounce rate. A good copy of the website will make it unique and will set your website to stand at the front of the queue.

Importance of a Good Website Copy

No matter what category your website is dealing with, it might be photography, cooking, digital marketing, or a personal website. A good copy is needed for all the websites to get more customer attraction and interaction. Below is the list of points to help you out why it’s important to have a good web copy –

  1. Attracting the Right Customers

All visitors who visit the website necessarily not be the right person whom you are looking for. If your headline is not proper it might happen that a visitor came to your website to search for web solutions, but you are dealing with mobile app development. In this scenario, it’s the waste of time for both the visitor as well as you because neither the visitor’s nor your goals are met. A well-written headline describes the zone in which you are dealing, attracts maximum numbers of authentic visitors, and can generate leads for you.

  1. Keep Visitors Engaged

Keeping the visitors engaged is also equally important. After attracting the visitors, they must be engaged on the page rather than bouncing back and should go through the whole sentence about what are you offering. A well-written copy is important to make your site visitors understand exactly what you are dealing with and what makes your services unique.

  1. Showcase Your Offer Effectively

It might happen that the offer you are giving is very lucrative and eye-catchy, but it will be of no use if no one reads it.

Your website copy needs to project your offer in an effective way. A professionally written copy will make sure that the site visitor faces no trouble in understanding your offer and how to avail of the offer. In some scenarios it happens that the offers are incredibly good but not getting a good response, this is due to the bad copywriting which makes the offer buried. Good copywriting will make sure your readers get valuable information.

  1. Brand Image

Website copy plays a big role in maintaining your overall brand image. It’s very important to get the right copywriter who can clearly understand the nature of your business and can exactly use the same to write the copy. A high-quality copy that is beautiful, to the point, and compelling creates a good impression on your brand value.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We all know how important SEO is for all who wants to make their presence online and how important it is to write SEO optimized content. When it comes to writing a copy for websites, a copywriter must write it keeping the SEO in mind. It will help potential customers to find the website easily.

  1. Professional Outlook

Having a website is good but having a website with errors and irrelevant web copy does not look professional. Many of the websites do not notice the spelling and grammatical errors. A good web copy with a good structure and relevant content gives a professional look and attracts more visitors.

  1. Make it in Nutshell

It’s tough to describe what you are selling in fewer words. But we all are busy, the majority of people who visit the page will go through the website quickly and check what’s the offer going on and will act accordingly. A good copy will convey all the messages about what you are selling, what’s the offer etc. in the nutshell and will help the visitors to take quick decisions.

  1. Shareable Content

The better the quality of the content, the more chances of sharing it by the customers on the social media platforms. We all know how influential social media platforms are nowadays in increasing the reach of a brand.

Overall, you must have a good website copy for the following reasons –

  • Easily readable – simple, clear, and nicely organized
  • Proper structure – must be optimized for SEO and for visitors with important information.
  • Focused – a clear message, purpose, and call to action at all the pages.
  • Unique – the website copy must be unique because search engines do not rank duplicate content.
  • Customer aim – it must be aimed at your target audience which must include keywords and phrases.

Web copy may not be crafting traditional narratives on your website, but writing stellar web content is essential.

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How to Understand Your Website Needs a Redesign?

How to Understand Your Website Needs a Redesign

As we all know that technology has occupied our lifestyles and the internet makes it easier. Starting from shopping to working, everything turned itself from that brick-and-mortar store to the digital platform. And it makes the website a mandatory part of any business. It has been one kind of identity of a business in the online world. Also, it deals with many things like brand reputation, global identity, consumer base, and above all the sales. Businesses are facing a hike up in their annual revenue from virtual sales than their in-person sales. Hence, it is proven that the website is something that you should have to take care of gently and positively. Website redesigning is one of the taking care processes. We take care of our children to make them a future wise and big man, just like that we have to take care of our websites for the future of the businesses.

What is Website Redesigning?

Website redesigning does not mean to change the whole site and replace everything. But it does mean to update your site. Let’s start with the grooming feature, when we find something beautiful and trendy in fashion, we buy it and dress us up trendy. We don’t replace the old us, we groom. Just like that website redesigning means to decorate the website with cool features, put hot and trendy add-ons, and update it with all the new things. We have to keep in mind that the website represents the business in the online world, so we need to furnish it timely. Now let’s discuss some common signs which will tell you that your website needs to be redesigned.

How to Understand Your Website Needs a Redesign?

As I previously mentioned that the website should be re-decorated with the new and trendy features and add-ons like the way we dress us up with the hot and trendy fashion stuff on the market, below I am sharing some common signs that will tell you that your website needs redesigning.

If your website is slow loading.

No one likes to wait for more, instead, they prefer less waiting and more responding. Like the way you get frustrated when your friends take time to reply to you, simultaneously people don’t like to wait for your slow loading website. If any of your webpages or the whole website takes more than 3 seconds to load, then for sure your customers will abandon their cart on your site. In this case, you should consider redesigning your website, otherwise, you may lose customers.

If your website is not Mobile-Friendly.

If you only have invested in your desktop site and never thought about the mobile site, then it is so obvious that your sales are not that visibly increasing, rather it can decrease. The reason is most of the people are now on their mobile. From searching for a job to searching for a product, smartphones are the first thing we consider. Besides, it is more comfortable to shop from mobile while laying on the bed rather than sit in front of a desktop. Hence, if your website is not mobile-friendly then I strongly recommend you redesign your website and update it.

If your site has poor UX Design.

UX or user experience plays a vital role in making your website more successful. Though it sounds easier to please the users, in reality, many of the big brands often miss the main thing and lose their customers. Having a poor UX design to site costs you losing customers, traffic, conversation, and ultimately the sales, and it will affect your business brand. Consider a redesign if you suddenly face a loss of customers, traffic, and improve the UX design of your site.

If your site is Aged.

If you have a site aged more than 5 years and haven’t redesigned it till now, then you should consider doing this. Old is Gold is a myth, updating with the new reality is the trend. And if you find that your competitors have a new website while you have an old one, then it is high time for you to redesign it.

If you are unable to update your contents.

Often the old websites consist of some complicated methods to update its contents and hence the owner faces some difficulties while updating some information or posts of the site. In this case, it is strongly recommended redesigning the site with a new CMS like WordPress which makes it easier for the owners to update the contents when they want without facing any difficulties.

If your site is facing an SEO Problem.

If your site is not getting good rankings on search engines like Google or Bing, then it will have a big negative impact on your business. If you are not getting enough SEO rankings then the chances of being on the first page of SERPs will be lowered. Your website is the main marketing platform of your business in the digital world. Your website is a way to connect more people and reach them with your collection. So if you are facing these SEO problems, please go for redesigning your website.

The above passages show you some common signs which tell you that your website needs redesigning. Website redesigning can be done both by self and website designers. If you have a technical background, then you may be able to do it by yourself. And if not, then it is better to hire a team that can help you with this. For more website designing related suggestions and tips, please contact us!