Web Design Trends in 2019

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March 27, 2019

Web design trends are illustrations of directions that shows where the industry is heading to, as every year springs up with new innovations and upgraded technologies. No website design trend will last forever because old trends always evolve with new trends replacing them. With the digital market continuously changing, it is important that one is constantly kept updated on the latest trends that are existing at a particular time frame.

As a result of this, Nova web solutions has drafted a list of web design trends that are dominating the digital market this year in Auckland and New Zealand in order to enable a web designer to act accordingly and produce a website design that would attract a customer in the right way and appeal to their audience.

1. Motion UI: This is sass and sustainable library that is used to create Cascading Style sheet (CSS) animations and transitions quickly as simplicity is a trend in this era. In designing a website, there should be a better user experience by giving room for a seamless transition effect on user interface and also assist the user to search for the information required with ease. Therefore for a website to be on point, it should have eye-catching graphics and intuitive motion UI in their website design as the better the UI, the better the user engagement.

2. Single Page application: this is a long web page helps users to navigate through multiple web pages and menus to find a single piece of information thus improving speed and performance which makes it be gaining its popularity. The biggest advantage of the single page application is simplicity.

3. Mobile friendly websites: These are websites that are created to be well suited for smartphones; having touch controls that can suitably fit on small screens for easy navigation. Its fantastic feature is its speedy loading of information required and reduced data entry. Google A-Team created its first mobile-optimized search index in 2016 to give its smartphone users the same quality of user experience regardless of the hardware device that they are using when delivering search results. Many companies have therefore adopted this strategy to increase their website marketability and also start their digital traffic.

4. Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented reality (AR): This is one of the major web trends of 2019 and a futuristic technology which has seen giant companies like Google, Samsung and Microsoft 1investing huge amounts of money into. This technology is capable of changing the ways of interaction between websites.

 Virtual reality offers an enthralling experience of the virtual world to its users while the augmented reality proffer a glimpse of the Virtual world to the real world while still improving the user experience. The advantage of this application is that it is not restricted to only mobile apps and their collective market worth expected to be worth over a USD 215 billion before the end of the 2021 year.

5. Progressive web app: The progressive web application (PWAs)is one of the hottest 2019 web trends. It is a web application that is similar to the regular web pages with its significant difference being that it has a higher level of functionality as it can load instantly, regardless of the state of the network being used and also the choice of browser as they are built with a progressive enhancement design that emphasizes firstly, the core content of the  web page.

The advantage of the Progressive web application is that they are user-friendly, installable and reduces drastically hassles when used as a result of its enhanced web technologies. It also prevents cache issues by ensuring instant, reliable and independent experience for its user’s usage, safe; because it serves through HTTP to prevent snooping of content and also tampering of data.

6. Javascript: This has been one of the popular languages that have been used in the last six and has been continually developed. The advancement in its framework and libraries in this last six years has shown that javascript has a lot more to offer. This makes it the most preferred language for developers because of the whole new experience of flexibility, challenges, and power.

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website designers auckland
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